About ellebannA

 “Surrender to the Rhythm & Flow of the Universe! It has bigger and greater plans for you, than you could ever Imagine! 

“Expect the Unexpected, Believe the Unbelievable and Live your Dreams. Your Dreams are Worth Living for”

ellebannA_Costume Performance was founded by an innovative and ambitions creator named Annabelle. Born into an artistic family on a little Island called Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea. Her upbringing was full of passion, love, authentic expression, freedom, respect and support to be her creative self. 

Having danced all her life and achieved a successful Collage degree of Pattern Design and Construction for Film and Theatre, her dreams began to blossom, realising  her visions through the fusion of highly inventive Costumes and impact felt Performances. 

Bringing to life a remarkable World of Wonder, expressed through costume, experimental dance and movement, beaming light on their visions through the Power of art, a Universal Language that everyone understands. 

“I seek out Fantasy, Humour and Surrealism. My imagination is my best friend; we go on journeys together and have created worlds that nobody else has seen”


ellebannA mesmerises, with the intention of drawing audiences out of their mundane routine into a mysterious world of fantasy, an unexpected reality, a visual delight that reactivates their imagination.

Currently, ellebannA consists of a solid team of 6 talented performers, whom also work independently as demand is high, receiving several booking at the same time from different countries. 

Each performance is tailored to the venue. Playful yet mysterious they breathe elegance, class and fascination into a truly Memorable Experience. 

        “I love creating Sculptural Costumes that are dynamic and imaginative that entails a form of movement or restriction, expression and/or character.”


ellebannA quickly became internationally recognised after attending BOOM Festival in 2016. From there they were spotted and flown over to perform at Clockenflap Arts Festival in Hong Kong, followed by Subsonic Festival in Australia, and then Soul Vision in Brazil. After that there was no stopping them! 

Having worked in an an estimated 200 multi-industry events along with 17 different Conscious Music Festivals across the world; such as Rainbow Serpent and Woodford Folk Festival in Australia, Fusion Festival in Germany and Tribal Gathering in Panama. ellebannA has also performed for countless private events and some renowned parties such as Acid Sunday, WooMooN and Story Tellers on Ibiza. 

Not only is ellebannA blowing people’s minds at festivals and parties, their Costume Performances are also highly valued as an art installation/performance within formal events, theatres and gallery exhibitions, including Meditation Ceremonies and Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2019.

To this day, ellebannA has been invited to perform in

11 Countries – 5 Continents – WorldWide


End of 2018 ellebannAs costume QUANTUM entered the World of Wearable Art international competition in NewZealand. QUANTUM was nominated as Cirque du Soleils Award Winning Invited Artisan, resulting with a work placement in at their official Costume Department in Canada, Montreal in August 2019.

Through humorous and confronting Costume Performance, ellebannA desires to captivate curiosity and provoke emotions through enchanting visuals and sensorial activation. Triggering feelings and imagination on an experiential level.

The aim of designing these entrancing immersive experiences, is to instigate change within our selves; rejigging our conditionings and opening connection to our One Global Tribe.

ellebannA strives to reach a broad range of humans across a wide social spectrum, with the aspiration to inspire. To celebrate the Unknown, recognising Love and Acceptance for self and all being. Stimulating Laughter and Enthusiasm for our differences. Honouring and remembering our Ancient Wisdom within us and nature. Encouraging us all to nurture and nourish our one and only Mother Earth. Clear and Compassionate Communication is key. 


ellebannA dreams of creating a vessel that transports audiences into a healing DMT vortex, where all senses are heightening through the union of meticulous sound scape, aroma and visuals, along with remarkable costumes and vibrational performance. Creating a one of a kind outer-body experience, leaving spectators feeling empowered and amazed, enthusiastic and thrilled, inspired and motivated to make a difference. 

“ I believe in MAGIC. I believe in LOVE. I simply BELIEVE !

I believe in all that what is a MIRACLE ! “

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