Boom Festival in Portugal 2016. Performed by Maya Bundanza & Annabelle Widmann. Filmed by Clara Muñoz

A hypnotic multi-limbed being, QUANTUM is part sculpture, part dancer captivating audiences with mind-bending illusions and transforming shapes and forms. Winner of the prestigious Cirque du Soleil Artisan Award in 2018, QUANTUM has earned a place on the world stage as an amusing and bemusing piece of theatre.


QUANTUM is a living, breathing statue that has wandered the globe gathering praises along the way. Malleable and seamless in its movement and flow, QUANTUM celebrates the frequency of the universe connecting living beings into one entity.

Above; Performed by: Annabelle & Marina. Filmed by: David Walsmann. Music by: Deya Dova

 A mesmerising fusion of energy and fantasy, QUANTUM is available in both stage and roaming formats and can be applied in a variety of settings and performance venues.

Photo by Bamboo 2017

One Love – One Energy- Connected & Equal

A 15-minute stage performance, QUANTUM is a visual journey that’ll take your audience into another dimension. For further wonderment, a harness can to lift QUANTUM high above the crowds. A true QUANTUM_Leap

Babylon Festival in Australia 2019. Performed by Tess von Bertouch, Jayin Park, Annabelle Widmann and Lex Richards as rigger. Music by Emerald Dragonfly & Circada. Filmed by James Gillot.

A 60-minute walkabout performance, QUANTUM roams events on a visually engaging traveling stage cart, gathering crowds & transporting them into a mesmerising world of fantasy.
  ClockenFlap Festival in HongKong. Performed by Marina, Jefta & Annabelle. Photo by

QUANTUM Opening Ceremony
We are also available to make or co-create a QUANTUM extravaganza for Opening Ceremonies. The intention is to consciously unite as one collective global tribe.

QUANTUM is here to connect people to one another and all around the world and truly connect to ourselves from within. Take a moment to pause, watch the performance without all the questions having to know the answers,  just allowing yourself to enjoy the disconnection in order to reconnect.  Awakening the pure fact that we come from that same place quantum comes from!

We are One, We are equal

“QUANTUM is exactly that what we don’t see,
it is that Mystery that lies between You and Me.
It is that Interconnecting Particle that fills this Space,
Binding us in Unity.”

Above; video by Leon Henry on Ibiza

QUANTUM takes you on a trip to discover the underlying principles within our Invisible Universe. An abstract dream that unfolds in front of your eyes, delving into a Stream of Unconsciousness.

Photo by Clara Muñoz_BOOM 2016

ellebannA quickly became internationally recognised after attending BOOM Festival in 2016. From there they were spotted and flown over to perform at Clockenflap Arts Festival in Hong Kong, followed by Subsonic Festival in Australia, and then Soul Vision in Brazil. After that there was no stopping them!

WooMooN in CovaSanta Ibiza 2016. Performed by Annabelle, Georgie & Mauricio

Having worked in an an estimated 200 multi-industry events along with 17 different Conscious Music Festivals across the world; such as Rainbow Serpent and Woodford Folk Festival in Australia, Fusion Festival in Germany and Tribal Gathering in Panama. ellebannA has also performed for countless private events and some renowned parties such as Acid Sunday, WooMooN and Story Tellers on Ibiza. 

ClockenFlap in Hongkong 2016. Performed by Annabelle Widmann & Georgie Clark. Filmed by ClockenFlap

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