ellebannA Costume Performance

Presenting a Fusion of Sophisticated Magic “

ellebannA is an internationally recognised, Cirque du Soleil Award Winning Costume Performance team. Introducing an exclusive visual extravaganza, expressed through experimental Costume, Dance and Movement.

All costumes and concepts are produced within ellebannA, creating its own remarkable World of Wonder. Through highly inventive Costumes and impact felt Performances, extraordinary and peculiar beings are brought to life. 

Playful yet mysterious they evoke deep emotion and bewilderment. Stirring up curiosity, they amuse and bemuse, captivating the publics attention. 

ellebannA takes their audience on a Visual Journey and immersive experience, reactivating imagination, merging the lines between Fantasy and Reality.

Since 2016 ellebannA performed in countless events across 11 Countries – 5 Continents – Worldwide. Appearing at renowned Conscious Music Festivals like BOOM, and Nominated Best Parties such as Story Tellers. 

Nonetheless, ellebannAs Costume Performances are highly valued as an art installation/performance within formal events, theatres and exhibitions.

End of 2018 ellebannAs costume QUANTUM, was nominated Cirque du Soleils Award Winning Invited Artisan.

With the aspiration to inspire, ellebannA strives to provoke Global Conscious Change through the Power of Art, a Universal Language that everyone Understands.






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