Video by James Gillot, performed by Tess, Annabelle, Lex & Riccardo @ Babylon Festival_Australia 2019

Look out for the MISCHIEFS !

Two identical Magical Creatures, they’ll amuse and bemuse crowds as they dance their way through altered states of being.

Interacting with both the audience and each other, these funny, long-fingered, lumpy–bodied twins will lighten up any event with their unearthly outfits, eccentric dance moves and contagious laughter.

Photos above:  by Boaz, performed by Marina & Annabelle @ SubSonic Festival_Australia 2018

Whether on stage or roaming an event, the MISCHIEFS childlike wonder will provoke play and spread love in abundance – stimulating a deep connection to the radiant child in us all.

Life is like a box of chocolates!!! isn’t it??

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