QUANTUM: A visual journey, a sculpture that moves as a mysterious creature comes to life, transporting you into a hypnotic state of fantasy as a mindboggling illusion unfolds in front of your eyes. Awakening the pure fact that We are One.

One Love – One Energy- Connected & Equal.

QUANTUM comes in many shapes colors and concepts engaging a all ages of humanity; Not only is QUANTUM blowing people’s minds at festivals and parties, it is also highly valued as an art installation/performance within formal exhibitions. Also QUANTUM is for Children, it sparks pure curiosity & fascination within a childs mind seeking to understand it. Even for the spiritual ones among us we have a Visual Quantic Meditation.



QUANTUM is here to connect people to one another and all around the world and truly connect to ourselves from within. Take a moment to pause, watch the performance without all the questions having to know the answers,  just allowing yourself to enjoy the disconnection in order to reconnect.  Awakening the pure fact that we come from that same place quantum comes from!

We are One, We are equal.

QUANTUM is here to connect people to one another and all around the world and truly connect to ourselves from within. Take a moment to pause, watch the performance without all the questions having to know the answers,  just allowing yourself to enjoy the disconnection in order to reconnect.  Awakening the pure fact that we come from that same place quantum comes from!

We are One, We are equal.

video by Leon Henry on Ibiza

QUANTUM is ellebannAs most recent production which very quickly became internationally recognized performance at festivals in theaters, parties, private events and other locations.

Photo by Clara Muñoz_BOOM 2016
In 2016/17 QUANTUM was part of two award winning parties on Ibiza, Acid Sunday and WOOMOON. In 2016 traveled to Fusion festival in Germany, BOOM festival in Portugal, Clokenflap in Hong Kong, and Subsonic in Australia. Early on in 2017 swapped off to another festival SoulVision in Brazil as well as the inspiring Tribal Gathering of Panama.


” QUANTUM : Dreams Become my Present “



We come from a sacred place, a space that is safe. like the nucleus we come into this world with pure intentions. As we reach out to new learnings we live many unique experiences weather drastic or pleasant, obscure or totally “normal”

A golden pyramid, geometric shapes. An expanding nucleus knot that unwinds creating a moving abstract painting, formed by the master of Ying Yang. From puppeteer to volunteer

Performed by Annabelle & Hektor

Costume by ellebannA

Help from Georgie



The Enchanting World of The Mermaids

 Aquadreams Ibiza

The Enchanting World of the Mermaids is a theatrical water performance where synchronized swimmers and mermaids transport you into the remarkable myths of the mermaids. Enhanced with dazzling costumes and atmospheric sounds, aquatic creatures sensually ripple through the water emphasizing their curvaceous movements mesmerizing the audience. Prepare yourself for a legendary experience.


VIDEO of Fish Bowl – The Enchanting World of the Mermaids:



synchro girls




10639596_4506784843764_9069856316362146925_n copy

Poster Jacaranda

ellebannA, costume designer and production
Aquadreams, professional synchronized swimmers
Marinero, Malcolm
Unknown Artist, creates music using the loop station and a variety of instruments.
SHARKS, filming and editing 
Marchin, photographer

About ellebannA

 “Possibilities are endless as long as you grab opportunities and follow your instincts.”

ellebannA is a freelance costume designer also known as Annabelle. She takes her audience on a journey to experience a world of fantasy through exhibiting Costume Performance. The experience is enhanced through scenery creating an environment where the unexpected is expected, bringing the costume to life. The aspect of accentuating or restricting movement are based on her aim to ‘Enhance a Dance.’ through costume. She brings her joyful fantasies to life and shares them through various creative ways she calls ‘Costume Performance’. Her passions and inspirations constantly evolve and tiptoe towards making her fantasy a reality.

Festive Hat

About Annabelle

She was raised on the unique and inspirational island of Ibiza. Ibiza is a fascinating place to be, with wonderful people and energy. Creatively this helps to keep her costume design fresh and unique. Her ideas have been able to come to life by the support and faith of her friends and other intrigued creatives.

         “Good teamwork is priceless, it opens up endless doors to a whole new spectrum of possibilities, through sharing ideas and motivation, together our world can truly be our oyster.”

In 2012, she completed her degree in Costume Design and Construction for theatre and film. Having studied in Ibiza, Ireland, England, she has a wide scope of knowledge and skills. She has experimented with a variety of designs and media ranging from lush silks and lycra to recycling rubbish, aluminium, plastics and plaster.

ellebannAs’ main aspiration is to live a colourful life. Through being creative, self-motivated and enthusiastic enables her to fill this life with exciting challenges for herself as well as others, constantly learning and evolving, sharing ideas and experiences with other positive beings that also are stimulated through curiosity.

“My Character is thirsty for new explorations of visual entertainment, captivating smiles and pondering thoughts.”


 ellebannA likes to make clothes that are multi functional, being simple yet effective. Feel good skirts and dresses are her thing, light and easy to put on, like the touch of silk flowing in the wind. These can be custom designed to fit whilst, made adaptable to the mood and style you want for every occasion. Reversing the ways designs are made, she challenges the need for more by creating multi-purposed pieces.


Her designs are like a visual performance in itself. They tell a story, it has its past, present and its future. Even as it ages, the costume evolves and its character deepens discovering its true self and ways of expression unfold.

She is intrigue by the pure form of solid and soft materials and enjoys exploring their qualities through different methods of manipulation, open to the idea of slipping into a happy accident. To help enhance peculiar characteristics she uses unusual materials such as aluminium, plastic, latex, lycra, felt as well as recycled waste materials. Attention to detail is the cherry on top of the cake.

         “I love creating Sculptural Costumes that are dynamic and imaginative that entails a form of movement or restriction, expression and/or character.”

Enter The Unknown World


Costume Performance for ellebannA is where the costume and the performer become one, they convey a type of relationship with each other, a type of story or message. She believes if a performance is able to move someone emotionally as well as visually, then you have achieved a deeper connection with that individual.“You have shared a story subconsciously, almost as if you have met before.”

To transport the audience into another dimension visually, as well as psychologically, ellebannA aims to stimulate all the senses of the viewer by means of sounds, smells, touch, and visually through colour, lighting, and ultimately the Costume Performance. “To study the human senses could help to learn how colour and smell evokes a memory, a feeling within.”

For ellebannA working on shows and the idea of Costume Performance is like putting together a puzzle, “you have to find the right piece before you can put it all together and get it right.” trying new ideas that might never work excites her.

        “ I love the thrill of challenging myself and others to generate a show. By working together with other artists and performers sharing and generating ideas together through interactive communication.”

Annabelle values working together with a team of skill varied people. She believes this stimulates solid ideas and builds a strong body of work reinforcing the characteristics of the Costume Performance.

Foto Mik


         “The ability of taking waste out of its normal context and transforming it into something beautiful and useful, as a way of raising awareness for the environment is truly admirable.”

 ellebannA regards this transfiguration as being much more skilful and imaginative than using raw materials. It stretches your mind, often landing on innovative inventions. It is astonishing to discover the potential of waste materials by exploring their qualities and capabilities. ellebannA has created several costumes using waste materials such as crisp packets, train tickets, flyers as well as utilising ring pulls and organic resources.

The RecycleArt project is a show that emerges out of a week’s imaginative collaboration, where people come together to transform waste material into beautiful Recycled Costumes, as well as explore and understand the purity of Sensorial Performance. This concept has developed by two young friends that share a passion for creativity and have the drive to explore their unexplored.

It is a course that takes a chance to open peoples eyes to the simple beauty of Trash and Silence. It is the place where, through performance, we share our knowledge of innovative ideas to engage others into the joys of recycling our world.

“Expecting the unexpected and strive towards believing in the unknown, attempting to achieve the possible impossible.”




El Cangrejo Perdida. Felt & PVA with an aluminium corset. 2011

performed by Monica, photographer Unknown



El Guerrero. Felt & PVA, latex, mudrock and blue foam 2011

Performed by Ion, photographer Unknown

photo by Jan Kuhr. http://jankuhr.com

Plastic Lobster Hat. also reversible.       above Kara below: Annabelle

Costumes made for a night in Privilege /Ibiza for the night Empire by Allister


Fashion Performance in sansara


Aluminum Corset


Rumble Tumble  out of calico and wire




Two Corsets fitted and boned, one traditional corset made for the Opera Carmen, the other influenced by the Elizabethan era with a decorative recycled twist.

Photos by Dave and Jan Kuhr  

Models Annabelle  &  Myra

Boned and fitted Corsets


Carmen Opera:

A fitted and boned corset made on the stand for the character Micaela in the new production of Carmen taking place in the Uk 2011.

photo by Dave

Photo by Jan Kuhr

Photo by Jan Kuhr

Photo by Jan Kuhr


Elizabethan Costume made with a Twist

A unique Elizabethan influenced costume, assemble by a purple yoke and skirt, emerald green choker and reversible fitted and boned corset made of contrasting materials; Lush raw silk and recycled Foster Cans carefully cut and layered to decorate including an outline of woven ring-pulls. Follow the link to see it in the show: Art On The Cat Walk 2011

Photo by Dan

Elizabethan Corset





Newspaper / Periodico



—RecycleArt  – Aug 2011


—Lunatic Cats – July 2011


—Ruta del Arte  – June 2011



—‘Enter the Unknown World’ – Fashion Performance  – 9 Sep 10



—Fashion Performance in Brighton  – 8 May 09


Interview by Maya Dupont. Oct 2011

Enter the Unknown World of: ellebannA
by Maya Dupont

“I want each collection to speak for itself. You put the costume on and you get a feeling of what the costume does to you as a person, how it changes your movements. It all kind of evolves from there.”

Annabelle is the name behind the up and coming concept of ellebannA. ellebannA is not so much an acronym as the backward reading of the designer’s first name Annabelle. To categorize ellebanA as a clothing brand would not do justice to the creative vision which it represents. It stands for the unification of the young designers three main passions; art, fashion and performance.

At age 23, Annabelle is fervently following her family’s footsteps in their creative orientation. Born to a sculptor and an artist, she has always been surrounded by inspirational people, as well as the eccentric elite of Ibiza – the island in which she was raised. Currently studying in Brighton, she took the time to talk to Amsterdam Today about the influences of island life on her designs, the thematic development of her theatrical performances, and her new project Recycle Art.

Annabelle is adamant about the inspiration that growing up on the island has had on her designs. She considers herself lucky to have grown up there. “You take in more than your average kid growing up in London I would think” she says referring to the beautiful nature which envelops the island. “Nature plays a big role on the island; you’re constantly in contact with [it] which in turn inspires my designs”. She also refers to the open mindedness of the island people “the people on the island are very open, all ages communicate with one another so it opens your mind as a child”. It is probably such a philosophy which motivated her to start with her first big show at only 20 years of age.

The young designer has already hosted various shows across the UK and Ibiza. To call them fashion shows would, again, be an understatement. From her more wearable hippy chique collection of 2008, she has now ventured into the direction of costume design or “sculptural costumes” as she refers to them herself. These extravagant designs often involve working with unconventional materials such as metal, plastic, paper, or even recycled waste. “I find creating the costume has become more like creating an art piece rather than just a fashion item to get mass produced” – and the performance shows are a way to bring her designs to life. “You put the costume on and you get a feeling of what the costume does to you as a person, how it changes your movements and it all kind of evolves from there”.

When asked about the development of her performances she gives credit to all the people who have helped her realize her dream:- “People help me a lot. People who are willing to help really influence what we do and the show we put on”. This refers to her haphazard/organic method of putting on a show which consists of gathering a unit of creative people to come together and basically – do what they do best – whilst wearing her designs. “The idea of the show is to promote each individual in what they do – if she’s a model then she can walk like a model, if they do back flips then I want them to do the back flip – I want to get the best qualities out of everyone participating!” she adds enthusiastically. Remarkably, all the shows she has put up have so far been realized through contributions of like minded creative volunteers.  Few people have the vision or the passion to inspire such creativity in people, and at such a young age.

In essence her performance art is all about creating a fusion between the performance and her costumes. The designer says herself:- “what I’m really after is that the costume becomes the performance rather than the performer doing the performance becomes the performance. I want the costume to be the focus of the attention and the movements of the performer should enhance the qualities of the costume and make it come alive. You become part of the costume and that should start speaking for itself.” The description ties in nicely with her criteria for her designs. She says she wants her costumes to “enhance a dance” – again emphasizing the fusion of aesthetics and movement.

When asked about future projects she refers me to her new undertaking of Recycle Art. Recycle Art is a new project which she is setting up in Ibiza with hopes of going beyond the Spanish border. The project consists of an intensive course for people of all ages to learn how to create costumes out of recyclable materials and then to perform their own costumes through a “sensorial performance”. Sensorial performance, originating from the US, is a new and engaging way of involving the audience in the performance by playing with their senses through touch, sight and smell. Widmann says that the sensorial performance “goes well with the recycle art project since not everyone wants to be touching waste products, yet we are creating beautiful designs from them. The beauty of it is that nobody really notices the costumes are made from waste products until they come up close and see the designs”.

So far her projects have not been financially beneficial to her or her creative volunteers. However, she hopes to continue on this path to eventually be financially independent so that she can “start paying these amazing people who have helped me” as well as develop her theatrical concepts. Despite the financial short-comings, in her 2009 show Enter the Unknown World at Atzaro, she did a fund raiser by selling raffles to raise money for Motor Neuron Disease – a rare disease but one which a close family member suffered from. In total they raised “over 1000 euro” she says proudly.

Speaking to the young designer leaves a sense of amazement at the simplicity necessary for the magic that she creates. All one needs is a vision, and an organic beauty to inspire people to involve themselves with her projects. Today I entered the unknown world of ellebannA. It is a world of creativity and inspirations which I hope will spread worldwide!

Videos and photos of her shows can be found at www.ellebanna.com


More articles like this to be found at www.amsterdamtodayauc.nl.