Unknown Species


An Unknown Species comes to life as it slowly ripples itself out of its cocoon, creating rare shapes and forms revealing its true identity.



Gradually the Unknown Species familiarizes itself to its new habitat and curiously moves around the festival, expressing its playful and inquisitive character as it interacts with earthlings.







QUANTUM_Galactic @ BOOM FESTIVAL 2016. Film by Clara Muñoz





QUANTUM_Galactic; Photo Bamboo


QUANTUM family time
QUANTUM_Galactic in Cala Llonga_Ibiza ‘Playing for Change festival’ 2016


QUANTU_ Galactic with Bamboo projections

ellebannA Costume Performance

ellebannA is a platform of highly inventive Costume Performances that will assure your event stands out from any other. A visual journey fused with Costume & Performance to breath elegant life and authenticity into the event.

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Costume Performances that are designed to transport your audience into a world of fantasy. Taking people out of their mundane everyday life into a mysterious space, where magic can take place. With an intense love for fantasy and passion for both costume & performance, the combination led into a journey of ellebannA_Costume Performances…








Water Costumes

 For the first time Black MerFish and Bodies plunged into the Ocean to form an underwater dance.

Many thanx to Maya Bundanza, Sandia & Julieta, Maurice &  Miguel

Photos by Mauric:

Dancing in the Ocean

Water Dancing


Water Dancing Costumes

Water Dancing Costumes

Water Dancing Costumes

Black Merfish

Photos by Mik:

Black MerFish byMiK

MerFish byMIK

Black MerFish byMik