Costume Performance


ellebannA will take you on a Visual Journey fused with Costume & Performance to breath elegant life and authenticity into your event, assure it stands out from any other.

Each performance is tailored to your event & venue, adapting accordingly to suit your needs. Perfect for  Private Parties or Events, Weddings or SURPRISESBoat Parties, night clubs, restaurants & bars. We travel to  FESTIVALS across the world.  Make Exhibitions and even perform for Children Parties.

Costume Performance for ellebannA is where the costume and the performer become one, they convey a type of relationship with each other, a story or message.

ellebannA believes if a performance is able to move someone emotionally as well as visually, then you have achieved a deeper connection with that individual.

“You have shared a story subconsciously, almost as if you have met before.”